The Session that comes to You

Any Supervising Master listed who has willing to travel next to their name is willing to travel to run a support session local to you. Most often this would be in your clinic space. If there was a group of you, finding a small hall or event space to use could be helpful.

Availability and pricing of sessions when the Supervising Master comes to you varies. For example, if they are coming to your location specifically for the session and nothing else, they may need to charge an additional fee to cover their travel costs and time.

Alternatively, a Supervising Master may be willing to take a provisional booking deposit such that if / when they are in your area they could do a session for you then. Generally the deposit is on the understanding that the Master anticipates being able to run your "local" session in 6-12 months (as specified by the Master) and otherwise would refund your deposit in full.

Usually you will be expected to provide the space at an appropriate (e.g. nice and warm!) temperature, plus all equipment needed. Anything other than this should be discussed with the Supervising Master in advance.

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The MSS that comes to You

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