12 months. 4 Courses. 1 AMAZING price

TLDR: Learn the complete NO HANDS Approach (21 days of in-person, practical & applied training) in a single year for more than 50% off our Early Bird prices 

Far more than "just" injury prevention...

The NO HANDS Massage Approach began in 1992 with an acutely injured therapist (founder, Gerry Pyves) needing to find a way to work to pay the mortgage and keep food on the table for his young family. But something amazing happened as he explored new possibilities of working that were truly zero-strain - he developed not just completely zero-strain strokes but a whole approach to Massage & Touch therapy described as "not evolutionary, but revolutionary" by Leon Chaitow (former senior lecturer at University of Westminster, London).

Thirty years on and thousands of students later, the complete NO HANDS Massage Approach offers:

  • The FIVE unique 4Elements treatments - Earth, Air, Water, Fire and the Integrative Treatment (a taste of all four)
  • Trauma Discharge Massage protocols to bring the immense potential of Touch direct to people struggling with mental ill-health or traumas
  • Psychologically informed communication to facilitate the best outcome for your clients - and you! 
  • A truly client-centric approach which gives you the tools to support your clients as they choose the treatments that are best for them
  • Confidence working with clients who choose to remain clothed, both on a Massage table and Massage chair
  • Potent (and zero-strain) strokes that work all the major systems of the body and can be integrated into existing treatments
  • Safety and professionalism built in at every level of the clinic that get "Wow!" responses again, and again, and again...

These really are just the headlines: you can find the "course by course" detail below. Additionally you'll have access to a welcoming and supportive community of fellow therapists who are as committed to clinical excellence as you are. 

When you learn NO HANDS, direct on a company course or from one of our licenced Instructors, you're getting literally DECADES of knowledge and wisdom in just a few days. All taught in a way designed to help you process, absorb and apply it in your own clinic...


What you Get

NO HANDS Massage Association membership (1 year): our Association is open to all bodyworkers, whether they've trained in NO HANDS Massage or not. We aim to be part of your go-to support network, as well as providing regular community catch ups online, clinical nuggets, special Association-only offers and a whole host of digital resources. 
Usual price: £99 Click here for more

NO HANDS Massage PRACTITIONER Course: this 6 day training teaches you all the core foundations of NO HANDS Massage plus MUCH more. This training alone gives you everything you need to work zero-strain for the rest of your career - therapists continue their NO HANDS training simply to get EVEN MORE to offer their clients. On completion you will be able to use the trademarked NO HANDS brand materials* and be certified as a NO HANDS Massage PRACTITIONER. 
Usual price: £1499 
Dates: Mod 1: March 16th - 18th & Mod 2: Apr 20th - 22nd 2024
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NO HANDS Massage ADVANCED Course: building on the foundations of PRACTITIONER, this course teaches you powerful additional strokes and treatments for working your clients' structure and nervous system, as well as being able to work with clients suffering from chronic low energy, fatigue and other conditions that would not be able to receive "normal" Massage. You'll learn our FOUR ELEMENTS system which comprises FIVE new treatments, including the ever popular "Integrative Treatment" - a fantastic introductory treatment for clients to discover the full scope of what you can offer. After this course you will be a certified NO HANDS ADVANCED Practitioner.
Usual price: £1499
Mod 1: Jun 15th - 17th & Mod 2: Jul 13th - 15th 2024
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TRANSACTIONAL BODYWORKER Course: drawing directly from the powerful Transactional Analysis models developed by Eric Berne, this course applies robust psychological awareness to the Massage treatment room. Over 6 days you'll learn models which help explain where things go wrong within interactions - and what YOU can do to help them go right. You'll learn tools that will take your treatments to new levels of potency AND you'll get to do some Massage on the course too! After this course you will be a certified NO HANDS Therapist (the highest level other than becoming a Master).
Usual price: £1499
Dates: Mod 1: Sept 14th - 16th & Mod 2: Oct 12th - 14th 2024
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TRAUMA DISCHARGE MASSAGE Course: all your NO HANDS training enables you to "top up" to a certification in TRAUMA DISCHARGE MASSAGE in just 3 days. By this point your Touch repertoire will be extensive and well honed, and your communication skills up there with the best of them. Over these three days you'll learn how to support clients to release and discharge ambient trauma - SAFELY. After this course you will be a certified TRAUMA DISCHARGE MASSAGE Therapist. 
Usual price: £749
: Dec 7th - 9th 2024
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  • 21 days of top-quality intensive training spread over seven 3-day modules through 2024
  • Oodles of business support and resources as soon as you've booked
  • Immeasureable support from the company trainers, office & Association membership
  • Value of £5345 even if you booked every course at it's lowest early bird price you'd still be paying at least £3146...

Secure your place for just £1499 with
The Complete NO HANDS Package

PRACTITIONER: Mod 1: March 16th - 18th & Mod 2: Apr 20th - 22nd 2024
ADVANCED: Mod 1: Jun 15th - 17th & Mod 2: Jul 13th - 15th 2024
TRANSACTIONAL BODYWORKER: Mod 1: Sept 14th - 16th & Mod 2: Oct 12th - 14th 2024

All courses will take place at NO HANDS HQ in Morecambe (LA4 4AU). 

You must have completed a full body Massage qualification (minimum Level 3) and hold insurance to practice to attend.


Deadline for booking at these amazing prices is January 31st 2024 - or when the courses are full. Which could be very soon!

Get booked in now!

Want to start your NO HANDS journey but not ready to commit to the full year?

Check out the 6 day NO HANDS PRACTITIONER training or our one day introduction, DYNAMICS OF DEPTH

*Why* are we doing this?

Because we can! Because we LOVE NO HANDS with a passion. Far more than "just" a zero-strain approach to Massage (which is reason enough in itself) NO HANDS has been transformative for both of us (Wendy & Tigger) and for thousands of clients and students. And we do mean thousands.

So, we want to get this zero-strain, transformative, exciting approach out there to as many people as possible.

But we also want to acknowledge the fact that life is hard for a lot of people at the moment. It seems a lot of people have had some really tough times in their life over the past few years, the NO HANDS Massage Company included. (And that's without even starting on COVID).

Yet here at HQ we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we want to spread that light as far as we can - be the candle in the darkness, as it were. Which is why we've declared 2024 the Year of Transformation.

Even at this price we know this is a big commitment financially, as well as in terms of your time and energy. But we truly believe that making this commitment - including spreading the payments if you need to - will be transformative for you and your practice. 

We have a saying in NO HANDS: "Gradually, over Time, through Repetition, with Support." That's what this "Complete Package" is:

  • Association support as soon as you've booked
  • A structured year of training
  • Bring queries from one course along to the next course
  • Get to know the others travelling the journey with you and form connections, even friendships.

And, honestly, SO. MUCH. MORE.

So, that's why 😸

*How* are we doing this?

We had to work the numbers really hard on this. We have cut our margins as far as we possibly can. We have a beautiful training centre at our HQ in Morecambe which is just waiting to welcome you. We have all the kit on site. We have unbelievable passion for NO HANDS and are personally taking a hit on our own financial "take home" (it's what business owners do when required, right?) 

It's also why the package is NOT available at any location other than Morecambe - it simply wouldn't be possible at this price. And we really really REALLY wanted to go as low as we could.

Morecambe's one of the cheaper places to get booked in for accommodation and to eat out - so it works on that level too, as well as supporting OTHER local businesses up here.

If you need local, our instructors run PRACTITIONER courses at other locations round the UK and we're looking to offer the ADVANCED, TRANSACTIONAL BODYWORKER and TRAUMA DISCHARGE MASSAGE courses at a more southern location in the future.

But if finances are the overarching factor, or you simply want to dive straight in, The Complete Package is the best deal we've EVER offered. And may only be available for 2024.

Give us a shout if you want to talk or have questions, otherwise hopefully see you in the training room soon!

Get booked in now!

* Your trademark agreement with us means you can continue to use the NO HANDS brand materials as long as you are a member of our Association

Each NO HANDS course certification is based on competence assessment by our trainers throughout your course. They will support you as best they can to achieve the required level for certification. If for any reason that's not possible (including if you had to leave a training course early due to a life emergency) we work with you to explore options to achieve that certification. We do NOT certify practitioners who are not safe to use the material taught on the course. However, around 98% of students achieve certification. We do not require separate "homework" or case studies to achieve certification. 

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