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Social media definitely has a role to play with connecting with current (and future!) customers, but we're also BIG fans of keeping in touch by email. With so many of our Association members and students telling us they struggle to get going with it, for a whole host of reasons: confidence, fear, judgment, not wanting to "intrude" on someone's inbox and many more, we've put together some top tips - and a FREE Q&A at the beginning of June (details below).

The Fundamentals

The people who've actively opted in to your mailing list (and what with good ol' GDPR that should be your whole list!) want to hear from you.  Even if they've changed their mind and don't any more, including an unsubscribe link in every email has you covered.

We include an unsubscribe link as the first thing our customers see, as well as at the bottom where most people "expect" to see it. Why: we don't want to be emailing people who don't want to hear from us so I'd far rather people unsubscribed sooner rather than later. And by honouring that, if they decide the time is right later on, they know we're a company who means what it says.

Making a plan - and following through

Sending regularly and consistently is a case of planning, discipline - and knowing some times there's more important stuff going on than sending the email we'd planned. It's very tempting to cram in too many emails when you're in the planning stage, then feel overwhelmed when it comes to preparing and sending them.

So we suggest choose a target to get you started which feels SUPER ACHIEVEABLE: you can always increase the number you're sending as you get into the rhythm of it.

What content to send?

This is a huge topic and one I expect we'll get into in a lot of detail at the Q&A.

Ultimately, this comes down to deciding what you want to be saying to your mailing list - what personality you want to portray & what you're hoping to achieve through emailing your contacts. Investing time in your email list is about building your business, but a lot of that may be about building a relationship with your customers, encouraging mindset shifts around Massage treatments (and frequency!) and being a trusted figure when someone needs a Massage themselves - or is in a position to refer you to a friend.

We're big fans of the "Less is More" ethos - and we know there's plenty to chew over up there as while writing it I realised there's a whole bunch more we could be exploring as a Company ourselves. 😂 However, we're even BIGGER fans of the power of conversation so we'd love you to join us for our free Email Marketing for Massage Therapists Q&A on June 4th 2024, from 7pm GMT - sign up below:

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