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...but still wouldn't have believed!

Life is a big ol' lesson-learning exercise. We get that - and we love it! But there are some lessons we (Wendy & Tigger) REALLY wish we'd known sooner, and we want to share those lessons with YOU.

Who's it for?

These are lessons that apply across all small businesses - we just happen to have got to them through our experience running Massage therapy & training businesses! Wherever you are with your business (starting out, decades in, or are anywhere in between) we're confident there's value for you.

Who's sharing these lessons?

We (Wendy Mills & Tigger MacGregor, both NO HANDS Masters) together own and run the NO HANDS Massage Company.

Wendy's background is 20 years of running an active Massage & beauty salon (including employing staff), having started her career in nursing. She is passionate about training and leads on our PRACTITIONER and ADVANCED courses.

Tigger, a qualified therapist for almost 2 decades, has spent the past 13 years in the thick of running NO HANDS: originally as an employee and now as co-owner. She's focused on supporting individual therapists with the challenges they're facing and running the marketing side of things. She brings a wider context too, having started out as a civil servant and then a management consultant. She leads on our TRANSACTIONAL BODYWORKER and Mastery courses.

What'll it cost me?


OK, not quite true as it'll cost you your time and attention (and we all know time is money...) but there's no cash payment. And once you've signed up you have LIFETIME ACCESS to these golden nuggets of wisdom and insight. Bargain!

When can I get stuck in? 

Straight away: sign up now and be first in line to access these resources as soon as we've finished them! We're working super hard to get them in place asap and once you're signed up we'll ping you an email as soon as the first material is ready for you - we're talking weeks, rather than months 😸

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