1 to 1 or small group?

The number of students in a Master Support Session can vary according to your needs, from you and the Master alone to a group of up to 4 students. If you're happy to be in a group with other students do let the Supervising Master you're contacting know in case they have other "singles" who'd be interested in doing a group session.

1 student

These sessions will be up to a maximum of 90 minutes. Generally we only recommend 1 to 1 if there's something very personal you wouldn't feel disclosing or exploring with other students. This is because there is so much to be gained from coming along with at least one other Massage therapist (see below). If you want to have your work seen (for example to check out your zero strain) or see the Master work (to understand a stroke better) you'll need to bring a client with you. This client needs to be a friend or family member - if it's another Massage therapist (whether they've done NO HANDS or not) you simply book in for a two-student session

2 student group

If there are two of you the session will last up to 2 and a half hours. You'll both be given space to work on your own specific issue(s) however you're ALSO get to learn from what your fellow student works on - you pay the same price, but get up to double the learning!

3 student group

With three of you the session will be up to 4 hours - essentially, half a day. Having run groups of all different sizes, the 3-student group seems to be the preferred size by Supervising Masters. You get up to THREE times the learning, and can really think and process while the others are working as you get two "observer" rotations. That's not to say you won't be involved in those sessions - in the discussion, potentially on the Massage table, all sorts of possibilities!

4 student group

If 4 of you want to do the session together you'll have up to 5 hours. Generally this size of group is run as a whole day session, for example 10am - 4pm with an hour for lunch. In reality, lunch often turns into a working lunch covering topics like contracting, marketing or specific client situations. 

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1:1 or small group?

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