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The NO HANDS Trademark and Use of these Materials

NO HANDS® Massage is a registered trademark and may only be used with the express written permission of its owners, Tigger MacGregor and Wendy Mills.

Your registration to this course constitutes your explicit agreement to:

Only use the trademark if licensed to do so by the owners Tigger MacGregor and Wendy Mills. This license is only granted to NO HANDS® Massage Association members who have completed the FULL PRACTITIONER level upwards.

Only use the material covered in this course for your clinical practice once you have been endorsed to do so by your study buddies.

Only endorse your study buddy if all the ‘observer observables’ have been seen and if the touch feels clinically safe and professional.

Only use the materials of this course for your own clinical practice and refrain from copying them for any other use.

Refrain from teaching the contents of this course to any other Massage therapists or Bodyworkers under any name or title whatsoever. The use of bodyweight carries serious risks for both practitioners and their clients if not taught correctly. NO HANDS licensed instructors spend many years training to reach the required level of competency and safety.

If you feel unable to agree to these terms, then act with integrity and simply do not sign up for the course. We only share this information in return for your agreement to the above. It’s ‘an honour thing’ so honour yourself as well as the 30+ years Gerry spent developing this industry saving approach.

If you wish to seek out a safe instructor to learn this approach, get in touch with us to find your nearest licensed instructor who has been personally trained by Gerry Pyves and Tigger MacGregor.

Anyone claiming to teach NO HANDS® Massage will have no problem with you checking them out. Please understand that learning this approach with anyone who is not licensed could seriously damage your health and your massage practice - it takes years to learn how to teach this material safely.

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