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So much more than "just" zero strain Massage...

"These solutions are not evolutionary,
they are revolutionary"

Leon Chaitow, Former Senior Lecturer at University of Westminster, London

NO HANDS Massage evolved to address the painful practitioner injury issue, offering a truly zero-strain alternative. However, within the first 10 years of working with it NO HANDS Massage Founder & Originator, Gerry Pyves, had already taken his approach to new depths for the Massage world.

The Principles and Practice of NO HANDS Massage is the perfect introduction to learning NO HANDS Massage from the comfort of your own home.

Powerful strokes: For every classic Swedish stroke that was to be replaced, the NO HANDS Massage alternative needed to be as powerful, if not more so. This in itself created a therapy that was upping the game for Massage therapy.

Psychological principles: the greater potency of NO HANDS Massage treatments, among other factors, requires a greater psychological awareness, clearer boundaries and a congruency not demanded in other approaches. It's a big challenge - but well worth it!

Postural keys: mindful movement before mindfulness was "a thing"! The 7 postural keys of NO HANDS Massage, all outlined in the book, are a way of bringing full body awareness to every stroke, every contact with the client, throughout every treatment. The book outlines practical exercises you can use today which in themselves have reportedly changed how practitioners deliver treatments, even when using non-NO HANDS Massage strokes.

This book offers a great introduction to NO HANDS Massage AND also brings you in at the very beginning of the development of a Massage approach that continues to develop in light of new scientific and clinical breakthroughs.

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