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News This is Love.

This is Love.


I don't know where to start with this photo.

This is the future.

This is potential.

This is love.

This is support.

This is excellence.

This is humility.

This is joy.

This is the world I want to see.

This. Is. Love. 

(From left) NO HANDS Massage Masters Wendy Mills, Tigger MacGregor, Beth Lloyd, and B(eth) Hunt (joined here by her amazing son) gathered at the inaugural TigFest this weekend. There are other Masters not in this picture - not because they don't deserve to be here, not because they're not in our hearts, but because life had them elsewhere.

Our strength is in the lives we live - and I look forward to this team growing and evolving and photos of more of us - and the wider "us" - together.But for now, in this moment, with darkness and light continuing to swirl around us all, this.

This is the world I want to see.




Master Tigger MacGregor


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